Lightning Safety Policy

All thunderstorms produce lightning and are dangerous.
Lightning often strikes as far as 10 miles away from any rainfall.
You are at risk from lightning if you can hear thunder.
You are in danger if you can see lightning.
Lightning can travel sideways for up to 10 miles and strike when skies are blue.

Lightning research has confirmed that consecutive lightning strikes can occur as much as six miles apart. People often do not perceive lightning to be close if it is two miles or more away, but the risk of the next strike being at your location may actually be very high.

Many lightning casualties occur in the beginning as a thunderstorm approaches because people ignore these precursors. When thunderstorms are in the area but not overhead, the lightning threat can exist even if it is sunny at your location.

Soccer fields are a dangerous place to be during a lightning storm. When lightning is seen or thunder is heard, quickly suspend the game and/or practice and move to a safe location.

This policy is in effect for ALL practices and games, as well as all other Green Hills Soccer related outdoor activities.

Game Suspension Requirements

The safety of the player is paramount. In any of the circumstances outlined below the referee is to immediately suspend the game (immediately means when any of the following 3 items listed below occur dont try to reach half time or end of game)

1.Listen for the sound of thunder. If you hear thunder, suspend the game and clear the field and have everyone immediately go to a safe shelter.
2.Watch for lightning. If you see lightning suspend the game and clear the field and have everyone immediately go to a safe shelter.
3.If you see or hear a thunderstorm coming or your hair stands on end, immediately suspend your game and immediately go to a safe shelter. Do not wait until it rains.

If the game official does not immediately suspend the game when any one of the points above occur, the head coach from each team can agree that one of the three measurement points have occurred and they are to withdraw their teams from the field. If this action is taken both coaches are to send a written report to the GHSC Referee Assignor outlining the circumstances, the facts concerning the weather conditions at that time, the fact that the two coaches were in agreement and the name of the Officials at the game.

Do not retake the field or re-start the game until all of the lightning and thunder has left the area. This means that you have not seen any lightning or heard thunder for 30 minutes. The THIRTY-minute watch is to be restarted with every newly occurring thunder or lightning strike. Green Hills Soccer Club will decide if a game should be canceled.

No Lightning/Thunder Safety Policy can give 100% Guaranteed Total Safety but these steps will help try to avoid casualties by taking preventive action.

Anyone caught not abiding by the Lightning/Thunder Policy shall face disciplinary action from the Green Hills Soccer Club.