GHSC Goal Safety Policy

This is a warning to remind you of the hazards associated with children hanging on movable goals. All goals at Green Hills Soccer Club are classified as movable goals.

There have been at least 21 deaths during the past 16 years associated with movable soccer goals. In addition, an estimated 120 injuries involving falling goals are treated each year in hospital emergency rooms. Usually these accidents are a result of goals tipping over from children hanging on to them.

We often see children trying to do chin-ups, or attempting to jump up to the cross bar to swing on the goal. Please alert your player, as well as the players on your team, to avoid this activity. It is very dangerous. Also, please look out for soccer players at Green Hills in general. Educate any child you see hanging/climbing onto goals not to continue this activity due to the potential for injury associated with the tipping over of goals.

The board at Green Hills Soccer Club wants to make your fields as safe as possible. We appreciate you help in this matter throughout the coming season.